February 17, 2014 in REFLOW SOLDERING

Our controller is designed to be fitted in a standard blue translucent box. This box is really convenient due its low cost and small size but it has also some limitations.

The standard blue box is 2 cm high, this is the limit between shipping a packet and a letter. The cost of shipping a packet is 7-8 times higher than shipping a letter. For international shipping we can end up paying 15-20 euros per shipment, which is quite high for a controller designed to be powerful but inexpensive.


Also this standard box comes without holes and cutting nice holes in ABS is tricky, the material tends to melt when you try to cut it.

We have been looking for a solution to this since the firsts controllers were shipped, but we have not found a small, yet cheap box who fits our controller.

That’s why we have decided to develop our own controller box. The new box is a 3D printed box made in translucent plastic so you can see the status leds though it, and  it is only 15mm high so it’s OK for low cost shipping. It is also designed to fit perfectly our controller.


Another advantage of this 3D printed approach is that if you have a 3D printer you can print it yourself, the files are HERE in STL format. I recommend using at least 0.2mm resolution to have better looks in your controller.


If you don’t have a 3D printer just ask us for the box, it is not expensive at all and it will help also to protect your controller during delivery.